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Ari Crandall, EA, CFP®

Ari Crandall, EA, CFP®

Managing Partner

Professional Bio


What is your role in the firm?

Managing Partner

What is your educational background?

I am an alumnus of San Diego State University, where I received a BS in Financial Services as well as a certificate in Personal Financial Planning. Following college, I worked to become an Enrolled Agent (EA), which qualifies me to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, including the preparation of income tax returns, audits, and appeals. Additionally, I maintain a life insurance license with the California Department of Insurance (CA Insurance Lic. #0C70701) and a Real Estate license with the California Department of Real Estate.

Why do you do what you do?

I love to help people. Making a measurable impact that improves peace of mind and well-being in others keeps me motivated.

What do you feel most grateful for in life?

Being able to spend time with my family is what I’m most grateful for in life. After going through some health challenges the past few years, I became refocused on what’s most important. Through most struggles, a person can gain the gifts of appreciation and perspective—two things I carry with me every day.

What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion in life is surfing; I live it, breathe it, and love it. If I’m not in the office or home, chances are you’ll find me at the beach. Many things in my life outside of work revolve around surfing and being in the ocean. How I structure my nutrition, my exercise program, and even family travel plans are geared around being able to surf better and more often.