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Our History

Our Story

At Premier Wealth, we believe that experience is the best educator. Our advisors are experienced professionals with an array of backgrounds in financial education. But the advice they offer goes beyond what the textbooks taught them.

At first glance Premier Wealth looks like a typical financial planning firm, yet it is anything but that. From the moment our three principals met, in a shared office space where they each ran independent practices, things were different. Their friendship was built on the collaborative environment they unwittingly created by bouncing ideas and issues off each other. Everything started when the seeds of open communication and transparency were sown.

All three went in different directions for a time, but maintained their friendship, often seeing each other at industry conferences, and going to dinners and on camping trips with their families. It was during these interactions that the topic of creating their own firm often came up. When they had finally decided to make it happen, and had put most everything into place, Ari was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Joe took over much of Ari’s responsibilities, and together he and Josh supported Ari and his family through two long and hard years.

This experience solidified not only how well the three advisors worked together, but how much of a family they had become. With Ari healthy and all things in place Premier Wealth Advisors was born in 2016.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Growing up, Josh Koehnen experienced firsthand the struggles of living with little to no financial stability. His education from this experience led him to his success at Premier Wealth and encouraged him to pass on what he’s learned to his clients.

Ari Crandall grew up watching his parents work to keep his childhood home for over forty years and quickly understood that comfort is created through hard work. With financial advising, he hopes to give comfort back to his clients.

In his youth, Joe LeBlanc enjoyed living in a small New England town and found himself ingrained with a sense of community because of it. Afterward, he pursued financial advising to create his own community of clients to care for.

Our Message

Out of all the lessons in financial advice we can give you, the best are the ones that we have learned from life. That is why we pride ourselves on creating plans that are personal, flexible, and understanding of your experiences.