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Employer Retirement Plans - 401(k)

Along with our strategic partners at Buckingham Strategic Partners, we provide innovative, cost-effective retirement plan strategies that empower plan participants to save with smart, easy-to-use tools and solutions while shielding the plan sponsor from some liability. From 401(k) profit sharing plans to defined benefit plans and many other plan types, together we will provide the options you need and guidance you deserve. 

Simplified and Strategic Portfolios

Through our Risk Tolerance Questionnaire, we simplify the investment selection process for participants by placing them in one of our 5 risk-based model portfolios. This simplified approach eliminates the confusion that arises when participants are forced to make their own selections from dozens and dozens of choices. For those “do-it-yourselfers”, there still is an option for participants to craft their own custom portfolio using diversified, low cost funds. 

These model portfolios and their underlying funds are based on almost 90 years of academic research, including the insights of eight Nobel Prize winners. Our Asset Class portfolio management solutions offer a prudent, strategic approach designed to help retirement plan participants achieve their retirement goals. Each portfolio is built using low-cost, institutional asset class mutual funds and contains as many as 9,000 securities in 45 countries, representing nine distinct asset classes.

Fee Transparency

Determining the total cost of your company’s retirement can sometimes be a real challenge. Our program discloses all fees in a straightforward, one-page document, allowing you to easily see how much is paid, and to whom.

Bundled vs. Turnkey

Because many retirement plans “bundle” all the services together, it is not always easy to tell how much you are paying for the services you receive. The fees can be opaque and confusing and you are often limited to expensive retail funds.

Our plans are “unbundled.” Each of the service providers work together as a turnkey team of experts – custodian, TPA, record keeper, mutual fund company, portfolio manager and financial advisor. This team of specialists was carefully selected in order to meet all your retirement plan needs.

Client Centered

Retirement Plan Designs

We can service almost any type of retirement plan including 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k), Profit Sharing 457(b), Defined Benefit (including cash balance plans), new comparability and 401(k)/DB combo plans. A review of the plan goals and existing design can uncover corrective or enhancement opportunities. We work with you to fully understand your objectives and then design a plan to best fit your specific needs.

Benchmarking Tool

If you are interested in understanding how your current retirement plan stacks up against those in your industry and of similar size, please contact us to receive our complimentary benchmarking assessment.