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Personal & Corporate Income Taxes

We’re not just a financial planning and wealth management firm. Our managing partners, Ari Crandall and Joe LeBlanc, with the help of their staff, prepare over 1,000 income tax returns yearly.

Income tax preparation and planning is a critical piece of any well designed retirement planning strategy. Whether it’s personal or corporate income taxes, we’re able to help you.

To schedule your tax appointment or have your existing taxes reviewed, please call us at 858-668-0776 or send us an email to

Our years of experience and notable expertise will provide you the confidence that your financial future is in good hands. Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills trust. We always act in the best interest of our clients, follow a fiduciary standard of care, and deliver attentive, individualized service.

Wealth Management and Income Tax Preparation is the main focus of what we do at Premier Wealth Advisors. We pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals effectively and sensibly. We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for managing your wealth. Our services are always tailored to your unique needs.

We provide solutions in the following areas; Investment Portfolio Management, Tax Preparation and Planning, Retirement Planning, Risk Management, & Cash Flow Analysis.

We also have strategic partnerships to assist you with real estate, mortgage, and various legal services. Our approach allows us to serve you without compromise.

The process of analyzing the current tax situation and identifying strategies to minimize federal and state income tax liability is a core value we provide.

A key cornerstone to this analysis involves determining the ideal asset allocation. For example, owning certain types of assets in taxable accounts and other types in nontaxable or tax-deferred accounts can reduce your tax burden significantly over time. These asset location decisions will come down to factors such as the amount of taxable income an investment tends to generate, your marginal income tax rate, capital gains tax rates, and your liquidity needs.

The importance of having a good CPA or enrolled agent should not be overlooked. Your tax professional should work with you (and other advisors) to ensure that they have all relevant financial information in order to accurately project tax liability and avoid underpayment penalties and interest.

Once all relevant information is collected, it is our job as advisors (CPA and CFP) to identify any applicable deductions/credits or recommend any strategies in order to reduce the amount you pay to Uncle Sam.

We are an independent firm that is client focused, not product focused. Our reward is satisfied clients!

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